April Ferguson on Transportation


Kitsap residents are situated on the Peninsula where State Highways and Ferries are between work and home for many of our residents. I believe it is critical that any Representative of the people in the 23rd District has a continued and ongoing focus and interest in ensuring that highways and ferries are well maintained and provide for ongoing timely and affordable travel between work and home. Ferries being up and operating are crucial to the residents of Kitsap county. I will stay focused on Transportation issues that impact Kitsap residents and will vote against continued increases in state gas taxes and fees that are impacting Washington residents. (We are currently the fourth highest in ranking among the 50 states for cost per gallon in taxes).

I will work to correct the following defects:


  • Kitsap only receives 39 cents per dollar of transportation funding we send to the state.
  • Traffic on 305 was increasing steadily and small fixes to our roadways go untreated