As a future State Representative I believe it is important that as I ask for your vote that I also let you know my philosophy of government so that you are confident in where I will stand as your representative.  I believe that in this day in age we too often are told what we want to hear instead of where a candidate stands.  A candidate’s philosophy on the purpose of government and the value of individual rights and what they are will guide a representative in their decisions so knowing that ahead of time will help guide a voter to make an informed decision when giving their vote to a candidate.


I strongly believe that each person has value and because each person has value each person has a right to exist without an overburdening and controlling government and that individual rights and liberty are crucial for an individual to pursue meaning and happiness in their individual lives.  I believe government exists for the people and by the people and that when people come together and form a society that government has to exist to protect the rights of the individual from those that would take individual rights away weather that is a unlawful citizen violating the rights of a person through criminal acts or a government acting unlawful by violating the rights of an individual with laws that defy the proper role of government and compromises individual liberty.


I believe that no human legislation is superior to the right of the individual and that society has a duty to safeguard individual rights.


I believe that as a state representative the most important role is to represent the best interest of constituents by protecting their Individual rights and voting with a responsible stance on all issues.  I strongly believe that a representative has a duty to understand each bill and to contemplate how that bill will impact the individual, society, and the generations to come.


As your state Representative I will never vote based upon only the opinion of colleagues, or staff.  I will vote after I have read and analyzed each bill myself to ensure that it does not compromise individual liberty or defy the proper role of government.


The candidate that understands the proper role of government will best safeguard the "Rights of the Individual" and vote responsibly on the decisions that impact your life.