April Ferguson Parental Rights

Recently a Sex Education curriculum was passed in Olympia that massive numbers of parents showed up to oppose yet our legislatures allowed people’s concerns about the curriculum to fall on deaf ears and went ahead and passed the bill.  I as a State Representative will not close a blind eye to the rights of parents concerning the education of their children or their concerns with legislation that would impede upon their rights in the raising and upbringing of their children.

 I strongly believe in the right to control education at a local level and will vote against mandates that violate the rights of parents and the local community in the education of their children.

I also have a strong interest in the rights of Special needs Children to receive quality education.  Many years of my life I have advocated for my own son with special needs and the other children and have seen him flourish in environments where his right to education was respected and upheld vs in environments where they did the bare minimum to meet his IEP.  Every child deserves the right to try and without being held down by the labels of their disabilities.  I will be a strong defender of the Right to education for all children.



I am a strong advocate of Parental rights and believe that we must safeguard the rights of parents in the decisions made concerning the wellbeing, education, and safety of their children