Candidate Philosophy and Issues

I believe a representative of the people’s job is to protect the rights of every individual through responsible advocacy in drafting and voting on legislation. I strongly believe you cannot focus on one issue or even just a few and close a blind eye to the rest and say you are a representative of the people. With over 110,000 registered voters within the 23rd Legislative District, a representative needs to be able to connect with the people and bring matters to the legislature that impact their lives. There is a multitude of issues and below I touch briefly on some of those. If you want to hear my stance on other issues or talk about needed solutions please contact me further by calling or texting (360) 621-3405 and I will get back in touch with you within 24 hours

Law and Order/Victims Rights/Community Safety

Our society is going through a change right now where we do realize that injustices are happening in our society but as a response to them, we are taking approaches that are making our streets unsafe and hindering law enforcement officers from their ability to protect our communities. You cannot sacrifice the rights of the innocent and vulnerable but we are doing just that when we do not provide Law enforcement with the right tools and training needed to perform their jobs. We need to approach these issues with a balanced approach realizing that the consequences of weakening our public safety agencies will result in increased victims of crimes and further trauma in our communities.

Criminal Justice Reform

My opponent is focusing on Criminal Justice Reform in approaches like her bill which claims to promote racial equity in the criminal legal system by eliminating drive-by shootings as a basis for elevating murder. It is this kind of approach that fails to take into account unintended consequences and the rights of victims which is also part of the criminal justice system and sentencing. Criminal Justice reform should not be about changing sentences based upon race but should instead be about ensuring the following:

  • Ensuring that our courts adhere to the principle of equality before the law and ensuring the judiciary do not enact personal or political agendas
  • Should be about maintenance of a fair and just system that treats people fairly based upon the seriousness of the offense
  • Should be about correcting that system when the judiciary acts on agenda instead of law
  • Ensuring meaningful access to the courts which includes a quality defense attorney that is held to the strictest of ethical standards in their representation of their clients.
  • Paths to reform and treatment for underlying conditions that caused the criminal acts such as mental health, childhood trauma, drug abuse
  • More focus on successful re-entrance into society and helping individuals to avoid being repeat offenders.
  • Protecting the rights of individuals inside of jails and prisons
  • More paths to restitution for victims and giving the accused opportunities to correct their wrongs

Homelessness crisis

The Homelessness crisis is due in part to systemic failures within our government agencies.

Did you know that the Juvenile Justice system contributes to homelessness? Our Young people leave a system that fails them and far too often they wind up on the streets.

Did you know that studies have shown up to 12 percent of homeless individuals engaged with had traits of autism? Did you know that the reason for this is bias and Judgments preventing these individuals from getting employed or lack of services for individuals with high functioning autism? Did you know that autism in past decades went undiagnosed and often mistaken for mental health issues and more so these people who were on the spectrum were left to fend for themselves where they needed some support and then ended up on the streets? When you walk by someone on the street ask yourself is this someone who has been forgotten and could this be someone with a disability who needs humanity to care?

We need to ask ourselves what all is contributing to the drug abuse that is hindering our fellow citizens from leading competent lives.

Are we okay that our streets are starting to look like poverty-stricken third-world countries?

There are too many contributing causes to homelessness to pretend any one approach or bill is going to make much of an impact. We need to find where we are failing and what agencies in our government are contributing to the problem and we need to fix them.

I saw hell on the streets of Olympia when I took to the streets to find an estranged sibling. My eyes were open to this crisis and they can never close a blind eye to it now. In Olympia, I will be dedicated to finding long-lasting solutions and fixing the dysfunctions within the agencies that are adding to this crisis.

Taxes & Economy

We need to support businesses and work to find solutions that will reduce regulations. We impact the trajectory of a business’s success when we drown it with burdensome and unnecessary regulations. I will work to lower taxes and reject any state income tax so that our businesses can thrive and the people can keep more of their hard-earned money. I believe that supporting our businesses is the best route to ensuring employment for all workers and that you must foster a society that promotes business growth and job opportunities.

Education and parental rights issues

Our education system has become polluted with too much of an agenda to influence children with political ideologies instead of just teaching them the skills they need to succeed in the home, life, and career. We need to work to restore trust in the education system. Right now many parents are frustrated and pulling their students from the schools due to the public education system failures. In Olympia, I will dedicate myself to keeping politics out of education and returning us back to the basics so that our children can learn in a supportive, safe, and less stressful environment. I believe that we need to make our schools all-inclusive for all children and safe environments for all learners. I have a special interest in education rights and meaningful education for all students. In Olympia, you will see me advocating as I already do for our learners with special needs as well as working to make sure we provide a meaningful education to all students.