Legislative News

Welcome to my Legislative News page! Here I will follow the 2022 election covering important bills that I am working on to track their progress daily. I will specifically post here about my opponent Tarra Simmons and will provide you with the following information daily:

Vote updates which include how Tarra Simmons voted with a brief description of each bill she votes on and how I would have voted on those bills with the information I have

Bills that Tarra sponsors and my own opinion of those bills and how they are progressing through the State House

Ferguson a more balanced approach

There is 112,000 registered voters within the 23rd Legislative District yet our representative Tarra Simmons seems to dedicate herself to mainly sponsoring issues that impact those convicted of crimes. I have to be upfront I strongly believe in criminal Justice reform but when I think of criminal Justice I think of meaningful access to the courts so that the accused have a fair day in trial and I think of changes needed to restore the integrity of the Justice system.  We need to see law proffesionals being held to high standards requiring them to put the matters of their clients before their special interests. Both Tarra and I focus on criminal Justice but her focus is very one sided instead of balanced. I know for one as a voter in the 23rd Legislative District I would want to see my representative champion issues like parental rights , injustices against margilnlized groups like those with Developmental Disabilities, protecting the welfare of our small businesses and so much more issues that need attention.  To be a competatnt representative you must open your eyes to see the mulitide of issues and injustices impacting your constituents.  Limited issue representation is not representation at all for the vast majority of residents living in the 23rd Legislative District.

Help get me to Olympia and I will be dedicated to addressing issues that impact us!