April has first-hand lived experience in multiple issues. April, a mother of six, has seen injustice and systematic issues in services that impact individuals with disabilities as she has had to navigate through the school system and other services to help her son with Autism receive an appropriate and meaningful education. She has learned firsthand what discrimination looks like as she has spent years fighting for her child and is now advocating bringing changes to special education complaint processes. In a letter to state legislators asking for help to change laws concerning fully informing all staff that work with a child with special needs in schools, April said
“I thought about something the other day and that is that from day one of my son going to school I had to fight for him. I believe the burden should be on the district regarding special education disputes and an act should be put into place to protect families with children with special needs in both investigative processes and in the education system from unjust scrutiny, discrimination, and mistreatment due to their children’s symptoms, behaviors, and differences. “


April has spent time in Olympia and on phone calls, and in meetings with advocates around the state and in our local and State government advocating for the most vulnerable in our society.
She has first-hand experience in the processes teaching others how to use those processes and how to advocate in Olympia. April has Chaired the 23rd Legislative District Republicans and has dedicated herself to the service of others and her community and believes that it is critical to look out for the rights of all individuals in our community. She believes that the processes are often not used by citizens creating frustration with the government and that if they knew how to use these processes in place that we could be more successful as a society from blocking bad legislation that impacts the rights of individuals. She has spent endless hours teaching classes and helping others learn to use the processes.

Other important projects she has started:

  • Washington Family Justice Project an advocacy organization that also will sponsor initiatives to the people concerning issues that impact the family including attacks on low-income families by laws that do not accurately provide parents accused of parental unfitness meaningful access to the courts
  • Washington Alliance for Special Education – start-up organization already working to advocate in Olympia for Special Education dispute process reform and will be used for educating parents on advocating for their students.


April has seen how criminal actions can devastate lives and has had to advocate for her own child a victim in the pursuit of Justice as well as services needed for healing. April’s son has a condition that is known as Tourette’s Syndrome, and she had to endure hostile and judgmental treatment from professionals in the education field that did not understand her son’s disability and how it was exacerbated by the wrongs done to him. She has learned to be a victim rights advocate and strongly believes that sexual crimes are often committed by those who have been harmed themselves. Victims’ rights and the healing process are critical to prevention as well as protecting our children by fostering a society of law and order.

The harm to my son from those moments of the negligence of the school district did not just last a few weeks of sexual abuse and neglect but carried with him through the years as he learned to speak, he developed a condition like Tourette’s and his language is now developed around speaking about those things. My son’s life was changed forever, and Justice was not served. I would like to see policy changes that address victims and healing because a person’s ability to care for themselves can be thrown off course by the crimes and wrongs of others

April Ferguson


Through her advocacy, she started to work with others advocating for individuals with developmental disabilities and has already started to make a positive impact in pursuit to see policy changes in special education and a wide variety of other issues impacting parental rights, education, adults with disabilities, and much more.

I started this work for my child but have now been exposed to stories of horrific and cruel injustices that I simply cannot close my eyes to. My issues have expanded to care about any issue that impacts the rights of an individual and their quality of life. I feel our legislators waste the precious time we have given them while injustices go unstopped. They treat our legislature like a basketball game democrats vs republicans and rarely do we see a win for the people. We need representation that will put people first

April Ferguson


April has a powerful sense of community and refers to herself when people ask her why she cares so much she responds that she is a philanthropist that believes that if we genuinely care for our children, we will care for the society that we leave them and their ability to find happiness and fulfillment in their lives long after we’re gone. April believes it is important to spend her life practicing philanthropy to better society by looking out for the rights of individuals, especially the most vulnerable and those that are marginalized who often cannot look out for their own rights.


As a mother who has had to struggle and has seen significant financial stress in her life, she has learned how the loss of our rights can impact us and throw a person’s life from trajectory. She has seen years of financial hardship and financial burden as she has had to make considerable sacrifices to advocate for her child. At one point she went a prolonged period even before covid shutdowns not having a school to take her son to because of how they would respond and mistreat him for his language condition. She learned what it was like to not be able to work and the loss of good credit and ability to pay bills. She saw the impact it can have on someone’s life and concerns herself with how families are surviving during these times with schools and jobs being impacted by Covid and the decisions our lawmakers are making. April can take her lived experience and empathize with voters who bring issues to her that impact their lives and she will turn around and find solutions and advocate for them in Olympia as a representative should do.