An Advocate for the Rights of the Individual and Responsible Government

The story that drives her to stand for Individual liberty and run a campaign to represent the people of the 23rd District.

Born and raised in Poverty April has faced many hardships.  April moved between multiple states in her life and often homeless and traveling as a child.  April did not receive an education from the third grade and worked from the age of 9 years old to help financially provide for her family.  As a young woman she dreamed of education she did not have.  At age of 19 she married and caught up on her education and pursued education, psychology, Child development and Early Learning in a dedicated goal to prevent child abuse and to give children opportunities.  April opened a childcare center at the age of 27 that served nearly 40 children.  April intentionally took in children kicked out of other centers, took in foster families to serve, and children from economic hardships and valued employment of individuals with special needs as she supported their future and related with their hardships as a mother of a child with a cognitive disability.  April lost that center when the State of Washington shut her down on false allegations from a few individuals.  Even though April later was able to prove through written admissions of her accusers of the falsity of those allegations April still lost her center due to over regulation of her field and lack of fair and consistent investigative standards of the agency.

April learned firsthand what it is like to come from being poor to succeed and overcome. To April this was enough to fuel her devotion to change what had taken her successes away.  April set out to advocate against Over regulation of her field.  In the midst of going to Olympia and advocating April begun to learn more injustices around her from violations of peoples property rights, business regulations on contractors and other fields, parental rights, the rights of Juveniles being infringed on in the Juvenile Justice System, unconstitutional mandates on our schools violating the rights of local control of schools, second amendment violations and the list goes on.

April a dedicated mother with her children advocating for parental rights, education and other issues that impact parents.

April a dedicated mother with her children advocating for parental rights, education and other issues that impact parents.

April is a diverse candidate after experiencing multiple hardships starting from childhood.  In 2012 April advocated for replacing para educator support in her sons’ school and became an advocate for education for special needs children.  In 2016 April took a stand against the removal of para educator support from buses after the lack of para educator support caused her son to be sexually assaulted and bullied on a bus altering her family and the projection of her son’s life.  Through April’s advocacy for her son she became an advocate for issues impacting our schools, parental rights, victims of sexual assault, and more.  April in 2018 begun to work as Chairman of the Republican 23rd Legislative District Committee to grow the grassroots effort so that she could help flip all three legislative seats from Democrat to Republican and give voters a choice on the ballot that will promote a stance on individual liberty within the Washington State House and Senate.  She decided to run for office  herself and be one of those three voices for change in her district.

April learned firsthand what the loss of liberty can do to someone’s life and April dedicated herself to not being a single-issue candidate.  April is a mother of 6 children and is dedicated to preserving society, economy, our businesses, and industries across the board so that when our children enter the working world, they have a fair chance at success and reaching their potential. Children are our future therefore the most important thing we can do for them is foster a society that promotes responsibility, self-governance, Justice and Individual rights. April strongly believes in protecting the rights of every individual.  She strongly believes you cannot focus on one issue or even a few and close a blind eye to the rest and say you are a representative of the people.  Every person has a right to pursue happiness and their individual rights deserve to be protected by a representative who values their rights just as much as they value their own rights.


April found her most rewarding moments to be in Olympia advocating with others for their rights, due process and bills that impact children’s futures.